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Hi -- thanks for the questions, to each: 1) we're live in CA, OR, UT, CO, IL, MI, OH, IN and MI (so 9 states); we'll be launching in many more over the coming months; 2) insurance licensing happens at three levels -- for the entity (i.e. our insurance subsidiaries), for the program (the insurance products we've launched) and for people involved in selling/distributing the product. 3) Program approvals range from a few weeks to up to 9-12 months, depending on the state (in the U.S. insurance is regulated primarily by the states). There's no requisite to be a U.S. citizen to get insurance licenses, at least as far as I'm aware; and 4) yes, all of our people involved in selling (or in insurance-speak "producing") are and will be licensed.

Very much appreciated & good luck with this. I edited my original post and added a fifth question.

To your 5th question on pricing: in general, to get a new insurance program approved you need to file with the states. Part of that filing includes a list of rating factors. What state regulators seem to care about most are: (1) is your pricing adequate (i.e. will the insurance programs hold together on a pooled basis, so the state doesn't have to step in and backstop the claims) and, (2) is your pricing fair/non-discriminatory / good for consumers.

Just a heads-up that you’ve listed MI twice here.

Sorry for typo -- will amend!

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