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If you take the animation out of the DOM-level code and put it in the CSS, doesn't that fix the issue? React then does not need to know about or control the animation and the browser just does what it does natively as things get added or removed from the DOM.

CSS animations are not enough for anything but simple transitions, since they are time based. Their behavior is also hard to control from JS. Check out this react animation library, which is based on springs for natural motion: react-spring.io (intro youtu.be/1tavDv5hXpo).

That leaves you with very simple and bland animations, and very little flexibility.

Hm, have you seen some of the incredible and fine-tuned animations possible with all the CSS features for that? I think it's pretty amazing and relatively easy.

This also requires that we have someone else who does animations for us, rather than doing all the UI ourselves.

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