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Final line of article "Learn more at MNGreenEnergyFails.com."

This isn't objective information. Maybe it's true or not, the intent is not to inform.

ps - if you want to say it is true, I'd suggest you unpack "In contrast to wind, coal, natural gas, and nuclear plants can run for a very long time. Coal and natural gas plants can easily run for 50 years, and nuclear plants can be updated and retrofitted to run for 60 years. This has profound implications for the cost of electricity on a per megawatt hour basis that seemingly no one is talking about." and what those true costs are, and how much people are really relying on the 30 year period they discuss and LCOE. The author is presenting this in a way that very manipulative, as though this is a conspiracy and a big secret. Everything in this article is very well known.

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