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Duo | Ann Arbor MI, Austin TX, Remote | Full time and intern

Duo's mission is to democratize security with the primary products being MFA and Zero Trust / BeyondCorp. We were recently acquired by Cisco who was named a leader in the "2019 Forrester Zero Trust Platform Wave".

I'm working in DevOps where our stack includes Python, Docker, Ansible, and AWS. I know our backend is written in Python. We also have iOS and Android apps as well as Chrome extensions.

Our teams are mostly divided between the Ann Arbor and Austin offices with some remote. The split offices encourages a very remote-friendly environment (I'm remote). We would prefer people with prior remote experience. As for timezones, I'm not aware of a policy but I'd guess +/- 3 hours from the team you'd be working with.

If you have questions about what its like at Duo, feel free to reach out to me "<username> at duosecurity dot com".

My team is specifically looking for Senior DevOps engineers: https://jobs.cisco.com/jobs/ProjectDetail/Senior-Developer-E...

In general, we are looking to hire for a variety of roles, including

- Backend

- Mobile

- UX and Design


- Security Engineers

See https://jobs.cisco.com/jobs/SearchJobs/Duo%20Security?3_109_...

Are you looking for an intern position as well? I wasn't sure from the listing.

remote for intern as well ?

My guess is interns will need to be in-person.

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