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Repustate | Toronto | Full Time | https://www.repustate.com

We are looking for someone to create interesting applications using Repustate's own text analytics API for the purposes of demonstrating the API's capabilities and as a means of attracting new customers who face similar problems in their industries.

You will be given ideas (or use your own if you have good ones!) to pursue and tasked with creating small projects (browser plugins, microsites etc) using the Repustate API. You'll document your entire process, including all data you've used, all code you've written and it will all be made available for anyone to use. A final report/blog post/whitepaper will be part of the deliverable. The proof-of-concepts you build can be in any industry that interests you: politics, healthcare, sports, you name it. The only requirement is that it's interesting to you and uses our API.

You should have an interest in NLP, machine learning and enjoy doing research and writing compelling content. Experience with using APIs in a programming language like Go or Python is a plus. Experience in web scraping and data ETL is also a plus.

Candidates must be legally allowed to work in Canada. Office is located in Toronto, but you can work from home, too.

Contact martin@repustate.com and tell us why you think you'd be perfect for this role.

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