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AWS DeepComposer (amazon.com)
70 points by mychael 3 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Now if I can use the same AWS keyboard to orchestrate my EKS clusters, that would be fantastic.

If it can be used just as a standard midi input device, you absolutely can make it orchestrate EKS clusters or do pretty much anything :^)

There are tons of really quirky and out there project that utilize midi keyboards. The one off the top of my head is controlling lights (more specifically, stage lights). On the more "out there" side, someone mapped their midi input to be able to play Overwatch[0].

0. https://kotaku.com/player-hacks-overwatch-to-play-in-game-pi...

Would be more interesting if the demo video wasn't such a blatant copy of Beethoven's 9th. Isn't the point to create unique original music?

Of course it is going to be able to create something if you feed it something that is already from its training set.

It didn't. There are multiple mistakes in that accompaniment.

Does this require the Deep Composer keyboard? Or does it work with any MIDI keyboard?

Would be silly if you had to buy the AWS keyboard considering a lot of people who'd use this would already have a MIDI keyboard.

It doesn’t require the physical keyboard. The AWS console has a virtual keyboard, that should work for developers who want to learn about GAN but a musician will get the best experience with a physical keyboard. It should work with other MIDI controllers though only the AWS keyboard is officially supported

I kinda want the AWS keyboard just because I think it's funny.

Ya, could definitely see that being a cool vintage item in the future.

It would be also better if it will work in the future. Instead of becoming useless when amazon shuts the servers.

If this AWS keyboard can be used just as a simple midi input controller, it is already pretty good value in my book, regardless of all the "smart" features.

Two of my greatest passions, with the result of learning more about ML. Sign me up!

An AWS keyboard and it’s not one with Cherry MX switches... fun timeline.

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