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> traditional desktop GUI programmers finally realize

FWIW, I'm not a desktop GUI programmer nor am I an...uh...professional GUI programmer of any kind. Not sure exactly who is doing the realizing here, but if they are, then great!?

> the way the Web people do GUIs is right

There are definitely some attractive things about web frameworks' approaches, but it's important to remember that the history of "declarative UI" traces a path back through C++ imgui devtools before React happened.

I see the transition here differently -- the web is so opinionated about the DOM and its rendering engine, the only thing you can iterate on to make yourself more productive is the frontmost application semantics. Full-pipeline UI toolkits have to manage changes across all the various phases of their implementations.

This (I think) creates an environment where the web is a great incubator for application model experimentation.

However, many projects that start on the web have a difficult time faithfully mapping to the semantics of other GUI systems (one of the driving forces behind Electron adoption IMO). This gap is one that moxie hopes to bridge -- ideally we should be able to learn from the highly productive web ecosystem while transferring those learnings further into the UI stack without the overhead and performance cliffs of typical web tools.

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