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> some kind of customized ergo keyboard

I use an ErgoDox, and while my layout isn't customized for writing mox invocations, it hadn't occurred to me that this might be a blind spot in my thinking about ergonomics. Good point!

I didn't really see anything that was weird whatsoever from a normal day to day programmer (Rust or not) perspective so I wouldn't take his feedback to heart or worry about your ergodox.

It seemed like a high ratio of "non-alphanumeric symbols" compared to a lot of other code that I read and write.

I suspect you are keying on some of the Rust language bits in the middle of his syntax.

_ is "don't complain because I don't use this variable"

|| is the syntax around Rust closures

foo! is a Rust macro

Why this is desirable is that we can program in real Rust while using some simple macro expansion not to create a free standing language for gui building?

Learning Rust via this gui library might not be the best choice(?) and I think it's better he focus on people that know Rust already.

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