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Remote two-person web development team, also hireable individually

Location: Central Europe

Remote: Yes, since the beginning of our careers

Willing to relocate: No, but we can visit

Email: ivor@codetree.co

My partner and I have extensive experience in architecting, building, and managing large custom-made web applications.

Recent projects: https://codetree.co/case-studies

I (Ivor) specialize in front-end, but also do back-end(node) and UX design (JS/TypeScript/Babel, React, Webpack, GraphQL, ESLint, CSS etc.).

My partner (Vedran) specializes in back-end, DevOps, system administration (Ruby on Rails, Java, PostgreSQL, Elastic, Docker, AWS, etc.), and also does light front-end work.

Throughout the last decade we built Airbnb-like platforms, music streaming apps, healthcare/finance/construction apps, real-time GPS vehicle tracking suites, worked on core systems of big data platforms (millions of daily transactions) and more.

We mostly collaborate with companies, but also have a lot of positive experiences assuming CTO-for-hire roles to work with non-technical founders.

Both of us are immediately available for full/part time contracts. The rate is approximately $90/hour depending on engagement details.

Read more on https://codetree.co/

Get in touch: ivor@codetree.co | Skype: ivor.reic (11am-10pm UTC)

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