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Whats the advantage over just writing vanilla html5?

Regarding your mental model: This looks quite similar to IEC 61499

Ah, that's a good reference for a more modern "control loop" idea. I agree that there are many similarities with that specification and I need to read in more depth. Thanks!

Honestly, there's limited advantage over vanilla HTML5 if HTML is actually what you were going to write. The website at moxie.rs is plain HTML/CSS/etc. The reason to reach for tools like this on the web is if you want interactive state, complex data transformations, etc.

I think it will be hard for moxie-dom to compete directly on ergonomics with purely web-focused tools (especially JS frameworks), because the underlying tools will always need to maintain some distance from platform semantics.

I think if you want vanilla html5, you probably have a simple static site, or something with minimal (or server-side-only) dynamic components.

If you want to build a highly-dynamic SPA, vanilla html5 will become an accidental exercise in reinventing a web framework, but poorly.

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