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  Location: San Francisco, CA, USA  
  Remote: Yes  
  Willing to relocate: Yes  
  Technologies:  Startup Founder, PM, Full-stack with Machine Learning; Automation; Python and Web dev experience.  
  Résumé/CV: https://bitly.com/dima_cv1  
  Email: dima_cv1@protonmail.com  
Hi all, I'm Dima (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dim25/), worked on various tech (Webdev+Python+ML) and non-tech roles.

Most recent projects:

* Analyzing millions of job postings. Orchestration (Airflow, Docker); Data gathering (Selenium; Scrapy; MitmProxy), enrichment, and analytics. [Role: Founder + core developer]

* CCTV Stream analytics (TensorFlow computer vision w/ Kurento WebRTC gateway). [Role: ML engineer]


* Co-founder at MBaaS startup. 'Firefighter' from $0 to $120K MRR.

* Hired and managed a team of 15 mobile developers to assist with the delivery of the #1 mobile banking app in Russia (iOS + Android).

* AWM, rev-share with Kinks (guys from San Francisco Armory).

Especially good match: if you need a cost-efficient prototype; fix and deliver your machine learning or automation strategy; looking for an early-stage full-stack dev with ML experience; or have a remote team you don’t have time to manage.

Let's connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dim25/

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