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Author here. I'm trying out an optional email Q&A format on the post, but will also be keeping an eye out here.

Not a question so much as encouragement. I think a big unspoken benefit behind react and its ilk is the strong focus on concise readability. React hooks can be confusing to understand, but when used properly they are incredibly concise and readable. I think moxie is closest to doing this properly in rust, and as such I am watching it very closely. Awesome stuff.

Website on mobile needs a bit of fixing. Also, what do you think of Svelte?

I think there are some very strong parallels between the approach Svelte has taken and what I'm trying out in moxie-dom:


screenshot? how does reader mode look on your phone?

Code blocks are too wide. Make them 100% wide and add overflow-x: scroll

I can't find reader mode on mobile chrome.

Thanks for the tip! Should show up shortly.

how well does your editor deal with the quasi xml?

Fairly well, although I need to manually format it. VSCode's syntax highlight for rust doesn't do anything fancy for tags and attributes, but literals and block expressions are highlighted correctly.

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