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The soul of a new computer company (dtrace.org)
185 points by lelf 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

FWIW I registered the domain name "moonmicrosystems.com" thinking along these same lines :-). I share their passion that a "real" computer company need exists. That said, Google and Facebook at least design their own computers because they have the scale. Not many companies need 10,000 servers at a pop.

Currently #4 is Jessie's blog post announcing the company too: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21682405

Third post about oxide/it's founders in the top 5? Either HN loves marketing spiels or the founders have a passionate upvoting cartel, propping up the exact same non-informative marketing in 3 different posts.

Please don't break the site guidelines by insinuating cartels and whatnot: https://news.ycombinator.com/newsguidelines.html

What's different today is that I got a late start, then got sucked into moderating flamewars, and only just noticed the duplication on the front page. Will merge the threads shortly.

It's because of whom the founders are. Jessie Frazelle was a major engineer in containers and a frequent talk giver. Steve Tuck was President and COO of Joyent. Bryan Cantrill is the former CTO of Joyent and co-creater of Dtrace. To many in the HN community those are impressive credentials. Added to that is that many people here have worked with one of those three or at the very least listened to at least one of their talks.

Cantrill is also, if not a frequent presenter, a high profile one. He has an odd mix of insightful observations peppered with highly inappropriate (but amusing) speculations about Larry Ellison's membership in the Nazi Party.


Please don't post personal attacks to Hacker News.


I read the thread you linked. I don't see an example there of him treating people poorly or behaving "toxically".

I do see people who seem to have an ax to grind with the guy. Someone asks, without being too snarky, "what's the point of Joyent?" bcantrill responds in a reasonable manner in several places in the thread. Several posters decide the thread should be "what's the point of bcantrill?" and dredge up an old usenet post, engage in ad hominems, and are generally surly. His responses come across as eminently reasonable to me.

The original poster even apologizes to bcantrill for triggering a dogpile. What is he meant to have done wrong there?

Stuff like this: https://blog.valerieaurora.org/2018/07/01/bryan-cantrill-has...

I don't know him personally. I've only seen him speak via YouTube videos. My point isn't to damage his reputation further, just add evidence that there may be an egocentric aspect to what is going on with the team heavy focus of the initial marketing push for the company.

There are arguments being made in these few threads today that such a direction is misguided and I believe his history supports that.

He tends to dismiss his impact on the failures and blame others instead. The claims about joyent for example that it was too far advanced for mass adoption or Amazon squashed it, rather than he not focusing on better marketing or the customer.

The products are held back not because he wasn't good enough, but rather because he was too good. I have an intuitive sense this new company is going down that same road.

Stacy I worked yards away from him for two years and never witnessed him being toxic to anyone. Instead he was a great resource to many.

> Making this company about him and not the product is typical behavior from Cantrill.

This post is his personal blog, so this is obviously about his personal perspective on the new company. Anything else would be weird on a personal blog.

Also: "The “we” here is paramount ..."


I don't see any evidence of him making "the company" be about him.

The privilege of networking. Yes, you can be the author and maintainer of great things, but not every great author of things receives the same amount of praise and good wishes in such a short amount of time. In fact, a lot of them even more significant never receive the same amount of praise.

Probably the same privilege some complain about other groups of people have, but nonetheless it's usually an effective strategy to build up a good network of people looking over your projects.

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