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Show HN: Software Manager, the Game (thesoftwaremanager.com)
23 points by yuegui 3 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Interesting game.

You can pretty much destroy by not bothering to interview and blindly hiring a giant crowd of engineers w/o regard for their salary. Dump them into high-paying projects and destroy really quickly.

I was also specializing them in a specific area up to 10 then rotating lower skilled out as they hit level 10.

This game is funny to abuse, but I am not sure the management style (birth 9 babies in one month with 9 women) is entirely accurate.

A little game inspired by the devshop game that I saw here a while ago. You will work as a manager to manage the projects, teams and try to survive in 60 days. Happy holidays!

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