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If only interacial marriages were recently legalized and could offend Americans' sensibilities.

Correct! They are indeed unworthy of anyone's attention.

This attitude pulls you lower than them. We are all humans, deserving of compassion, reguardless of wrongthink. Many if not most beliefs we hold are not truly rational.

Yes, it is unfortunate that so many bigots still feel entitled to their prejudice.


If you disapprove of someone's relationship then it is bigotry, especially if it's because you believe they are the wrong race or gender.

Never mentioned gender, or disapproving anything. In fact, I provided details showing why some who is not racist would believe there are no "wrong" races. And if that person is consistent in applying the same approach to sex, there are no "wrong" sexes either.

Edit: I would also add that the disapproving must be "unreasonable" as this is part of the definition of bigotry. Merely holding a different view does not qualify one as bigot.

Why should heterosexual/romantic relationships be promoted above all else?

Good question.

In my opinion, it involves a much deeper issue than the views of the individuals in those relationships. I would proprose there are limited ways to answer the question of "Who am I?" and "What is my purpose?".

1) We cannot know. 2) I decide for myself and my view is not influenced by any "other". 3) I am able to know and my view is influenced by an "other".

Obviously, how one answers those questions ultimately leads to the answer of your question. My personal belief is not at issue here. I was attempting to promote an openness of consideration of the views of others.

Our dilemma is discussing this topic is that we have the freedom to hold different systems of belief. This results in fundamental lacking of common ground which results in each of us appearing to be a bigot to the other. I would not propose anyone to have the spirit of bigot, but it appears some on the thread cannot entertain the possibility that others have a reasonable approach to how they view topics of personal belief, and the consistency is - at the very least - something not willing at the moment to be considered. Unfortunate.

It amazes me how no one challenges the logic. They just downvote.

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