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A chilling example of this from another field: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002_%C3%9Cberlingen_mid-air_c... - here also, the air traffic controller who was responsible for the two planes that collided was singled out (and later murdered by the aggrieved father of a victim), but arguably the lax procedures used at Skyguide were also a major factor in the accident.

Wow, and the murderer was released in 2 years due to his "mental condition", and 9 years later received a (unrelated?) award that represents, among other things "for educating the younger generation and maintaining law and order". Talk about a miscarriage of justice!!!

> He was released in November 2007, because his mental condition was not sufficiently considered in the initial sentence. In January 2008, he was appointed deputy construction minister of North Ossetia.[32] In 2016, Kaloyev was awarded the highest state medal by the government, the medal "To the Glory of Ossetia".[22] The medal is awarded for the highest achievements, improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the region, for educating the younger generation and maintaining law and order.[33]

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