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I had a copy of the 1st edition paperback when it came out[1], I was in my teens at the time. Some of the phone numbers in the book actually still worked, and connected to various services like early online banking. As someone with a Prestel account as well, the whole 'hacking Prestel' thing was quite interesting.

Years later I realised I'd lost my original copy, so replaced it with exactly the same edition, mainly for nostalgia reasons. It's still a fun read if you want an insight into early dial-up stuff - it's got a lot of technical stuff in it too about how all the hardware worked.


[1] https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hackers-Handbook-Hugo-Cornwall/dp/0...

I used to work in the engineering centre that supported PRESTEL and TYMNET

Later on after PRESTEL was gone, BT security was visiting and freaked out when they bumped into a developer who they had caught as a teenager hacking Prestel.

Security wanted them fired senior management told them NO :-)

Oh I also had a copy of the hackers handbook

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