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Tenko: A spec-compliant ES2020 JavaScript parser written in JS (github.com)
48 points by wingspan 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

It looks like this was written to target running the latest (ES11/ES2020) code on anything ES6 and higher.


That seems to cover anything modern, but at the same time if someone needs to target "generally modern" it's very likely that their "customers" are already staying up to date as a security strategy. I'm not sure if there's really any benefit to using an abstraction layer.

Anyone you'd really want to use a library like this for is going to be the kind of legacy places that never get updates. Extreme validation places like healthcare and government agencies.

What makes you think the abstraction was taken for security reasons or that'd be the only reason you'd want to run it?

I love parsers, but I wonder what the motivation or use case is for this particular parser. I’d love to see a “Why another parser?” section of the README.

It looks like there is a lack of license?

JS is often mixed with other languages... So you will eventually end up with a parser that supports JS+JSX+TypeScript+HTML+PHP

But they aren't freeform they are embedded so there is no reason they would need to be in a single parser.


Seems to be in there.

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