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Astronomers on the verge of detecting “first light” (universetoday.com)
40 points by bookofjoe 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

This title was a bit confusing since "first light" is also an astronomic term for the first use of a telescope.


Detecting that doesn’t make sense though.

Seems like that light would have already passed the earth by now.

But it's coming from everywhere, and the universe is infinite, so if you look at a distant enough point, you'll find some light from [AGE OF THE UNIVERSE] light-years away. This is probably a horrendous misunderstanding.

The Wiki page is most confusing page I every saw, even have seconds and minutes after mix with 377k. Need some help there I think.

But wouldn't the hot dense stuff before reionisation have emitted light?

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