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The Classic Tetris World Championships Explained (2018) [video] (youtube.com)
36 points by snake117 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

It is actually very exciting to watch, especially when Jonas is playing. It should be more popular than it is!

Joseph, the latest champion is also incredible. He is capable of tracking opponent's screen and reacting to commentary while maintaining the game. Also, hyper-tapping.

"Boom, tetris for Jeff"

I've been a fan of CTWC for the past 4 years. Jonas is amazing and can explain his strategies very well.

My eyes lights up when a new CTWC video is published on YouTube.

I find the competition engaging. Its insane how compelling falling blocks can be. But that's thanks to the great community and commentators.

Seeing the sudden rise of Joseph (as well as the other competitors) just makes me so happy.

I've never really played Tetris although I grew up with it (I'm 35 years old now). Even now, I've never would have came up with those elite strategies to win this game.

But, now seeing these guys push the boundary of what can be done has me itching to learn this game. Who knows, maybe next year I'll be able to compete. I'd definitely like to see it live next year.

They held a conference at GDC 2019:

Tetris World Championship: Building Explosive Esports on 8-bit Nintendo


Obviously the CTWC players are on a whole other level. But for anyone interested in competitive Tetris who has not yet done so, I highly recommend trying Tetris 99 for the Nintendo Switch. It's a free download with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, although there are some features locked behind a paywall (such as the classic "Marathon" mode). It makes the subscription worthwhile all by itself.


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