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Download abandonware games, from 1978 to 2010 (myabandonware.com)
22 points by dsego 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I was curious if they had any viruses.. the following is from their FAQ

== We never modify the game archives we provide, but not all of them are tested by an antivirus. However, old DOS programs won't be able to contaminate your system. Windows games may be provided with a NoCD program, these are well known to carry malware or worms. Always check with an antivirus, like VirusTotal. We do not take any responsibilities for system damage on your computer, use at your own risk. == https://www.myabandonware.com/faq/

I mean - old DOS games that are 16-bit compiled won't have a chance in hell of running on a modern Windows 10 PC that's for sure - but the weird "interim" period of DOS/Windows PC era (win9x comes to mind) could potentially infect computers if an obscure virus was enclosed, or if someone uploading an archived game embeds a modern virus in it (but what's the chance of successful infections if like ONE person downloads the game in a year - it's abandonware for crying out loud!!)

Is there a full list of the available titles somewhere?

No NES SNES MD SFC games, no.

There's already tens of websites that host ROM dumps of most games from most of the consoles in relatively recent history - however the PC for some reason is trailing in these archives massively... I wonder why? I'm guessing a lot of young children had a console in their home, and so have a lot more fond memories of the games they played with their friends, families - as opposed to a dude playing Civ1 on their old 486 DOS PC.

Supporting these platform is probably more risky, seeing the trend in 'remastering' and re-releasing.

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