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Programming in LIL: A Tutorial (1974) (ultimate.com)
15 points by panic 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

It has always surprised me that more assembly languages weren't written this way, as a C-like language with a fixed set of register variables.

Then again C maps fairly well to PDP-11 assembly language anyway so perhaps there isn't/wasn't much of need for a more user-friendly lower-level assembly or implementation language.

There's a bug in the first example. t0?

Looks like bad OCR:

  mov x,r0
  add y,t0
  mov r0,w
  add z,r0
t and r have some similarities, more or less depending on typeface.

Or, maybe human OCR; just spotted the disclaimer at the top: It has been re-typed by Phil Budne, who is to blame for any transcription errors.

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