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Making Swift code extensible through plugins (swiftbysundell.com)
54 points by ingve 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I have to say, this was not the kind of plugin I was expecting. Although I am curious if anyone has started writing in-process dynamically loaded modules in Swift yet, now that the necessary groundwork has been put in place?

Agreed, from the title I was expecting Swift language extensions with compiler plugins.

Wouldn’t they be blocked from the App Store?

An iOS app can only execute code from within the app bundle. It's OK to dynamically load plugins that are shipped with the app, but the app cannot download and execute plugins at runtime. Additionally, programs written for Mac or Linux are of course not subject to this restriction.

Until they close that "hole" on osx too. Given the ever longer list of restrictions, like notarizations, on OSX in the name of security features.

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