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Show HN: Flash is dead? Here is an attempt at a replacement (its-near.me)
5 points by 100-xyz 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Web-Based Motion Graphics Editor

Export / Import Files

Exported Files can be played in a Player

Exported Files can be added to your web page

This is a second version. Images can now be dragged and resized easily. Animation paths can also be added and edited directly.

Its at a pre-MVP stage.

Looking for:

Advisors + Users to direct what features to develop first. Shouldn't take more than one hour per week.

If you have developed Flash games before, I would love to have your input.

Looks cool. By the way, clicking play multiple times makes the whole animation glitch.

Hi ajayyy, Thanks for checking it out and your comment. Will correct it :-)

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