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The most obvious application of tree-sitter is editors. I wrote a VSCode extension to replace the built-in syntax coloring with tree-sitter-based coloring: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=georgewf...

I actually think it would make more sense for the various VSCode language extensions to just bake in tree-sitter for their language. I have had a PR open to do this with golang for a while: https://github.com/microsoft/vscode-go/pull/2555

What is the point of replacing the builtin syntax coloring? Is it faster or does it color more things?

Builtin syntax highlighting for e.g. rust is laughably bad - the treesitter highlighting is much better. Side note: I've recently switched to vscode as my main editor and so far the experience has been full of contrasts - many advanced features such as remote editing are the real gamechangers and work flawlessly, but some basic features (the aforementioned highlighting, folding, basic git integration) are notably lacking in polish. You kind of expect that if they've gotten advanced stuff right then basic stuff is surely in order, but that is not the case.

Have you tried Jetbrains IntelliJ? In my experience the IntelliJ platform is, well, if you look in the direction VS Code is pointing, there you'll find IntelliJ?

Tangentially related, there's some tree-sitter activity in the Jetbrains org on Github: https://github.com/JetBrains?utf8=&q=tree-sitter&type=&langu...

which is cool

I've used intellij a little bit and it is awesome (albeit a bit slow for my taste). The reason I stick to vscode is remote editing - compiling rust code locally on my laptop is a torture compared to compiling it on a beefy remote box! Remote editing in vscode is very well done, even most extensions work flawlessly without any changes. As I understand, there is nothing comparable for intellij.

Interesting!, thanks!

Depending on the grammar I think it's a little slower than the regex-based TextMate coloring. But the overhead is mostly due to the VSCode plugin architecture.

It colors more accurately.

Can you use tree-sitter for things that are more complicated than syntax highlighting, such as reference finding? I've been wanting to write a language server for a while but have been put off by the complexity of gracefully handling sections with incorrect syntax (while the user is typing, for example).

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