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You send an email to the oracle asking a question (usually funny, but sometimes very personal). The oracle will return somebody else's request (in an anonymized form), and you reply to it. The result is publicly readable, and a whole culture developed around it. Try it!

See https://internetoracle.org/about.cgi

It's interesting how over time standard riffs and memes developed for message responses, "the you owe Oracle x" which I'm always reminded of when I see "the ol' switcharoo" on Reddit.

I always thought Zadoc the Priest stories tended to be lazy but maybe it was a victim of it's own popularity and it got hard for everyone to keep up.

It was one of my favourite sites back in the 90's and I used to take the time to vote on digests each week. Tempted to look back at some early ones to see if they stand the test of time...

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