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I found quadcopters to be a great way to get into embedded development. There are a couple posts on my blog [0] [1] related to getting Rust running on a quadcopter controller, although I never actually got my code controlling the drone in flight. The lesson I learned was that if I was going to do it again I'd definitely choose a board with an exposed debugger port, as I spent a lot of time repurposing one of the motor outputs into a serial transmit port just to do some "println debugging".

Not sure if OP is here, but I'd be interested in hearing about which debug options are easily exposed on that board. Can you use the port you are flashing the drone with as a standard serial port after your code is loaded? Looking forward to the future post about SWD that is introduced at the end of this post as well.

[0]: https://www.joshmcguigan.com/blog/betafpv-drone-flight-contr...

[1]: https://www.joshmcguigan.com/blog/betafpv-drone-flight-contr...

SWD is purposefully exposed on that board and instead of flashing via the bootloader I got flashing with gdb via SWD with the `load` command working. I just use a male header with some jumper wires for the connection. It seems stable enough. Some pictures of the debug port here:



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