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China due to introduce face scans for mobile users (bbc.com)
45 points by keiferski 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Dystopia is now.

The following is inevitable in this thread so let me put it up front:

Before people say that Apple has Face ID, so Chinese face scanning is justified; the former is encrypted on device, largely by a company that promotes privacy, the latter is an order from the government, not a democratically elected government but from a fascist authoritarian regime that is heading straight towards the blood stained path of Nazi Germany (with a modern twist), whose leader cannot be critized and has elected himself for life.

I'd like HN community to discourage whataboutism that distracts from the original argument. I see it here every single time when there is a thread about China and it is frustrating, counter-productive and most importantly - it is distracting away from a worrying and terrifying consequences of Chinese surveillance program. It masks truth.

I born and raised in China, and I now have been living in USA for more than two years, I'm not trying to make you an enemy, but sadly none of above are true, you say that because you read news for those media, whose reporters and writers have no knowledge about history and laws. This report is from BBC, the same for those media like ABC, CNBC, NYT etc., I have been watching their reports too much since I moved here, in the end I uninstalled all their apps on my phone, and here we go, I'm a science researcher, spot BBC here again. I feel sad that they are being arrogant, irrational, and political when any reports that are related to China. I don't see any critical thinking in your comment above either, the longer I live here, and more news I read from them, the image of advanced and democratic western world in my mind, that was built in China, has been falling apart, which makes me love my country even more. I'm a man of justice and peace, each country has its own issue, there are so many foreigners in China too, please don't criticize and define something you don't know.

Yea I agree that most Chinese people in China have no problems in their day to day life. The problem is the principles of the CCP, the well-known methods of controlling population, the fascist aspects of the ruling almost 1.4 billion people.

Chinese people are just normal folks, middle class of China are busy with their lives as they are being lifted from poverty.

The problem is China’s government which does not allow criticism. No free press. Americans are taught to be respectful of all cultures - America is built upon immigration. So, please let me assure you that it’s not about the people, it’s about the political aspects of China.

- Do you think it’s okay to go around and suppress free speech in other countries?

- Do you think it’s okay to have 2 million people in concentration camps?

Instead of listing every thing, please read Drew Devaults blog here: https://drewdevault.com/2019/11/20/China.html

China’s CCP is using nationalism (which you’re obviously affected by) to tap into human psyche, gain unprecedented power and suppress democracy around the world.

One of my Chinese friends during my days at the university spoke a lot about cultural revolution and how things were much better now. I asked him about single party and consolidation of power. He argued about the limits on presidents reign being 10 years, if anyone wanted to change that to permanent , then it would be cultural revolution again. I did not see a new revolution when it happened.

I feel that better types of verification are dangerous. Sure it's convenient, to scan your face or fingerprint, but it's also a way of verifying that you were with your device at that place and that time.

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