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How to Talk to Someone Whose Opinions You Can’t Stand (forge.medium.com)
9 points by 1900jwatson 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

> Remember there’s a time and place

What is the time and place to discuss politics? Apparently I can only discuss it in my head, with myself.

Why don't politicians, activists, media, celebs and other propaganda tools just stop discussing politics in public? That'd help to resolve some tensions.

Honestly, I wish we would see celebs less frequently. For some reason, the media props them up as experts when they definitely aren't.

I agree though, discussing politics shouldn't be a taboo, but I also don't think it belongs at the workplace or most family/friend functions. The problem is that it's often emotionally charged, and I think that's because it's only discussed in informal circumstances. Ideally, people would watch debates and discuss the points afterward to decide what to do.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a place for that, so I'll nominate libraries since they're intended to be places of learning. Our library hosts debates for city offices, so why not host debate watching sessions? Libraries draw intellectuals and people who want to become intellectuals, so it makes a ton of sense. Those who want to participate may, and those who don't aren't obligated to listen.

Times when someone doesn't have a realistic option to not be there are generally not great times to force conversation about anything controversial. Work, family get togethers, educational setting (unless it's covering such a topic) are examples.

Your lunch break out of the building, social time with friends, or other personal time occasions are great times to talk about whatever you like. Even get togethers or local debates if different opinions are what you're really itching to get exposed to.

And yes these are rules of thumb. There are certainly occasions it's both good and accepted to discuss it outside the above rules but they are just that - occasions. The article is referring to people who treat other people being stuck in the same room as them as prime opportunity to start discussing their opinions about last night's news daily.

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