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I can't help but groan a little at the fact that this entire voyage of dongles and hardware and head-scratching is based on the ridiculous axiom that letting your smart TV access the net would be "insane".

Guess what, the smart TV will stream 4k, and the app allows you to display the current bitrate and resolution to verify it (complaint in the article).

When you're done consuming online stuff on your TV, why not just cut the power? Or hook it up via ethernet to a port you can easily disable? Or both?

Sure, these types of articles can be interesting but this comes off as navel gazing and unnecessary complexity of what the actual issue is.

But he wants to take screenshots, which I assume the smart TV won't let him do for HDCP-protected content? And then he overengineered it to the fullest extent, which was fun to read.

Agreed on the smart TV - better to assume your home network is already compromised, plan accordingly.

The smart TV will also record what you watch and send that to the manufacturer and sell that information, at least if you have a Vizio. I disabled the smart TV stuff because I trust the TV manufacturer less than my dongle's manufacturer.

Or just configure your router to block everything coming from your TV except whatever you want, like Netflix. Everyone should have a firewall at their gateway.

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