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I recommend the old bitsquid blog as well - it gives a good snapshot of the thinking that goes into creating game engines these days.


I recommend the new "Our Machinery" blog [1], where they write about a new engine development. Bitsquid was sold to Autodesk, rebranded Stingray and as of now seems to be discontinued [2].

[1] https://ourmachinery.com/post/ [2] https://www.autodesk.com/products/stingray/overview

Excellent, I'll check that out. As (at the risk of exposing my geriatric age) someone who did 3d engine and driver work back in the mid 90s to early 00s, I found the bitsquid blog really useful to warping my brain to the near era and the tradeoffs that matter today. Great stuff.

If you are into no-nonsense software design, Molecular Musings [1] written by Stefan Reinalter is also a goldmine. As is anything written or said on topic by Mike Acton, whose ramblings de-facto brought DOD into the mainstream [2][3]. Regarding good old days, remember Flipcode? ;) [4]

[1] https://blog.molecular-matters.com/ [2] https://macton.smugmug.com/Other/2008-07-15-by-Eye-Fi/n-xmKD... [3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX0ItVEVjHc [4] https://flipcode.com/archives/articles.shtml

Excellent, thank you for those references.

I also recently picked up "Data-oriented design: software engineering for limited resources and short schedules" by Richard Fabian, which I've not had a chance to read properly but looks like it covers things in detail.

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