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Air travel shows what happens when we give companies ruinous power over us (washingtonpost.com)
9 points by adam 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

What a disaster. There is no doubt that was an epically awful experience.

Yet I fail to see at all how it was everyone else's fault. You pay the landlord and uber the price that the market sets and you are free to not do so. The points about being a tenant vs. owner, of your John Deere, your phone, your car are more accurate, but all of these are totally off-topic.

To travel with inadequate funds, to not be able to afford a couple days in a hotel if need be, or a rental car, is just foolish. To do so during a huge storm on some of the busiest travel days in the year is asking for trouble.

What does the author expect that with 50,000 or 100,000 other travelers delayed due to weather, that American (who he paid a couple hundred bucks) is going to magically part the clouds, make aircrew and equipment show up, and fix his personal planning problem?

Or maybe they should comp everyone hotel rooms for a weather issue? If they did that they'd be out millions and soon be out of business. And as irritating as the airlines are, they are way better than walking.

Lesson #1: whenever you travel, have contingency plans. Don't expect the airlines to have them for you. I learned that on 9-11-2001. Good thing I had a rental car and could drive home.

Lesson #2: don't expect businesses to set prices and/or provide services based on what you desire or need.

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