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Belarusians are very proud of World of Tanks!

My Belavia flight back yesterday morning was a World of Tanks themed plane:

- exterior paint and headrests promoted World of Tanks.

- each tabletop had a blueprint of a different tank

- even the pre-takeoff safety briefing was recorded in a World of Tanks style!

See photos here: https://airlinerwatch.com/belavia-and-wargaming-reveal-secon...

Impressive and ridiculously tacky at the same time.

It's like flying inside of an ad that gets glued to your eyeballs for the duration of a flight. It's appropriate for ferrying gamers to a WoT event somewhere, but for regular flights this is completely unacceptable.

As a treadhead (but one who doesn't play WoT): that's awesome! Especially the tank blueprints. WoT also funds videos on some of my favorite military history YT channels.

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