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The Main Problem with Tesla's Supercharger Network (jalopnik.com)
9 points by sahin-boydas 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Tesla needs more charging stations. The way to get them is to convert Tesla chargers and cars to CCS. Tesla should also allow any EV to charge at their CCS chargers, just like any EV (including Teslas) can charge at any CCS charger today. That will create more charging infrastructure for everyone to support the growing number of EVs on the road.

Europe has standardized on CCS. It took Tesla about four months to retrofit CCS plugs to their chargers. Unfortunately it's still the case that only Teslas can charge at them. Tesla should rectify that:


Tesla could do the same and better in North America - fit CCS plugs and allow all EVs to charge.

There are about 2,634 CCS DC charger locations in the US and Canada today:


The CCS charging infrastructure is growing faster than Tesla's network. Tesla might as well get on the CCS bandwagon now.

And I'm still waiting for Tesla to actually make/sell a CCS adapter for their cars (at least from my perspective, being in the US). That being said, the supercharger network currently does a much better job of meeting my actual needs than any non-Tesla charging options I've run across. (An area where destination charging options could also use vast improvement.)

Things get busy at Thanksgiving, who knew?

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