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Airmash – a game that refused to die (janwillemboer.nl)
176 points by janwillemb 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 35 comments

Since Airmash was released on HN, this is as good as any place to put out a message for the original developer -- we love your work! Is there any chance we could continue it more officially in your stead?

There have been a ton of ideas floating around in-game since almost forever. I think by now most of them appear at https://github.com/airmash-refugees/game-ideas/issues .

The biggest issue is that no free frontend exists, and even if it did, some aspects of reimplementing both backend and frontend have interesting problems, such as in the functions to calculate trajectories and the data they use. There is no way to replicate the original Airmash without preserving almost exactly this code. It would be amazing to receive your blessing at least to borrow these aspects.

-- (every Airmash addict ever, especially those racking up hours almost every day even after the official server died)

If the Airmash name is trademarked, can't one reach the original developer (or their lawyer/estate) by this?

I second this call!

For anyone who wants to play, Airmash lives on at https://airmash.online and https://starma.sh

It's been a great community effort in keeping it alive, thank you to everyone who has contributed!

There are currently 2 replacement server implementations, the first was done in Rust ( https://github.com/steamroller-airmash/airmash-server ) powers (I think) all the US servers. It is missing some features like upgrades.

For that reason most of the 'life' is on EU servers, despite the increased latency for US players, which are using a newer and slightly more complete Node.js implementation ( https://github.com/wight-airmash/ab-server ). If you're trying it out, be sure to check out EU.

Nice seeing this here!

Also: https://starma.sh for the Starmash version :)

Hey Bombita, thanks for the reminder, edited my comment :)

Hey bombita, /dev/null over here. :)

Hey dev! I had fun playing for a while today, and I saw several players of old playing! And even enjoyed a CTF match =) It was a very nice and nostalgic day!

Ghettobird here. Hello!

Hey there! caw!

I totally admit I wasn't prepared for this. Mirror here: https://github.com/spatiebot/airmash-history/blob/master/REA...

thank you for writing this history up. I am a regular but never really got involved in the effort to revive (except to announce it's return 10 months ago on HN)--I didn't really know the story.

Oh boy, this was an addiction. Just the right mix of classic - Subspace/Continuum - gameplay with the ease of access of a browser game. It felt good to play a game I was half decent at, too. Wrote a Python API, started a Discord server and then life got in the way. Good times, though!

Edit: It’s a little dead these days, but- https://discord.gg/cPVDwRa

this reminds me of subspace. another game that refused to die and was maintained by players. except this happened before waaaaay before git was a thing, around 1998.


I played this game for 8+ hours per day in middle school and high school and it was a major reason for me not getting into any good schools. It was worth it.

Subspace was so awesome, and playing airmash had a very familiar feel to it.

I assumed the game’s author got a contract and was busy working on a new game. That he was never heard from again makes me sad. I truly hope he lives a happy life. If you read this: Thank you for this great game!

Can someone explain the appeal of the game? Seems like a pretty basic air shooter, not sure why it became a cult classic.

Easy to learn, hard to master, as simple as opening a browser tab to get it up and running. It was a perfect storm of tight gameplay and low barrier to entry. I also suspect many people hadn’t come across a game like this before- I can’t even name a multiplayer top down shooter like this save for Continuum.

I guess for many of the players of old, it was because of the community, that was comprised mainly of HN folks. So, the chat was very nice and interesting.

Also, a game that's basically 2.5 years old "refusing to die" is not particularly interesting. Games wax and wane for years before becoming mainstream or dying off.

Oh, Airmash, fun as ever. It was our go-to office game for months after initial HN release. When it disappeared, I ended up switching to surviv.io (another thing I think was announced on HN). Now with Airmash back, I don't know what to play anymore :(.

I love airmash. I am so glad it didnt die. A great community and a good game.

Detect, xplay, Moz, xyz, praise kek, yutru, those were the days

Detect and xplay and yutru are there now. Still devastating the restof us paeons.

yutru here; I ran into Raste earlier on EU CTF and was wondering how that happened... now I know : )

Thanks for making this post Jan, I hope it brings some of the old timers out of hiatus and back into the game for a second inning. Had some great memories with them, like watching aimbot and bug, two players who knew one another from their Subspace days back in their teens, come together once again after all these years apart to carry the red flag to victory; detect and xyz aggressively spamming south entrance of blue base in preds giving me hell on defense; the whole bot-based shenanigans with blankspace dude; Dr.Pepper posting absolutely ginormous guides on how to play on our reddit then getting angry in the comments; sniper and his kid doing a father-son combo sweep of the map; that one epic 5-hour game last February when spy had to infitrate blue team to act as a decoy to finally end the ordeal and many, many more... the whole thing was a riot and a half. The past couple of years was roller-coaster ride personally but Airmash and the often lovely, sometimes crazy, players were the one constant in my life the entire time. You guys are fantastic.

Thanks to yourself, Bombita, Steamroller, gadgetoid and Nuppet for not only keeping the game alive in (nine|five)sigma's absence but even chaperoning it to a better place.

Shout out to Rockzone for being the first one to mentor me in the ways of Airmash. Miss you buddy. Also miss (North|South|Undead) Korea who taught me base defense... notice me sempai! Shout out to xplay and secvtor, my good friends who are still playing; please don't quit guys, the game will truly be dead for me then : ) Shout out to Moz (I see you working on Notable now, all the best mate :)), Apathy, Praise kek, Maximus, Azimuth, Banmeplz, Fallen, Memer, Benderovec and Marshan, you guys were good players and great company, hope you can swing by sometime. Last but not least, shout out to aimbot who spent an hour of his valuable time teaching me two things: 1. don't oversteer and 2. be orthogonal to missile path to evade. After two years of play I'm still nowhere as good as you'd expect me to be but my k/d has more than doubled from 0.8 to 2 and I'm doing better than ever.

Here's to many more years... pew pew!

Happy birthday Vijay!

Love Airmash. I started playing it again on Thanksgiving day after being away from it for over a year and it's been a blast!

I remember when Airmash was posted as a Show HN. It was fun and far more performant then it had any right to be.

Link is literally exhausted.

Great story ..

Is there any more web games communities like this game?

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