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Live video from a fishing boat in New Zealand (betterfish.co)
139 points by snapit 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

Sorry, everyone - Karl is not fishing right now. I'll submit again when we are out on the vessel tomorrow and you can watch him do a haul.

What did the fish say when he posted bail?

"I'm off the hook!"

sorry, it's almost 4 am and I had to drop a fish joke in here.

Not much happening, but at least I get to see sun and daylight in late spring live from where I am, where it is dark, night and almost winter :)

Here you go - a local beach - its always sunny, all..the..time https://www.coastalwatch.com/surf-cams-surf-reports/qld/cool...

Nice choice of beach! I would’ve also accepted Rainbow Bay ;)

It's Sunday in NZ - try again tomorrow

The ocean is closed on Sundays?

And here without the whole AMP garbage:


Edit: I'm not blaming you, I know how annoying it is to get back to a "regular" URL, especially while being on mobile.

Heh. I was skeptical but yep, loads almost exactly as fast on my phone.

That feeling when the URL is as long as the article

Why not just use twitch.tv for something like this? I'd be much more likely to watch if i could follow there.

I’d love the idea of “Twitch goes fishing”, where viewers vote to control the boat (heading, speed, the crane, etc).

“Oh look! There’s a storm coming from the East!”

Captain and seamen onboard panic as they watch the Twitch input stream.

Heading out to fish now...

That is a tragic story, but it has nothing to do with this submission.

The context is that live streaming should prevent abuse of this sort.

That isn't context unless this video stream is a direct result of that story.

But it is, no? Why livestream a fishing boat if people weren't concerned about working conditions on them?

Not the work conditions, it's about quota and by-catch management.

The government is rolling out mandatory cameras in areas inhabited by a critically endangered dolphin.

Actually it’s about fishing practices; how fish is caught, handled and processed. It could be used for quota management, health and safety, and to see what happens with bycatch (very interesting cod end here). In reality shows how hard working these people are and how dedicated they are to their industry.

Because it's interesting to watch.

Heading out to fish now..

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