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Ask HN: Startup Equity to Iranian National and Delaware Inc
11 points by daves_startup 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
Hello, need a hand here. We are a small tech start up and have a team of 6 from all over the world. One of our team is an Iranian national, based in UK on a work visa. We are all working for equity right now and the company is based in UK today.

We are considering registering our company in Delaware and it looks like US sanctions might give us a challenge.

Does anyone have any experience or advice in this area / lawyers to recommend etc?

Thanks Dave

The US Embassy in London has a list of UK lawyers who have experience with US Law:


Thank you!!

I’m not a lawyer. Issues with Iran aside. A Delaware C corporation may need to pay its employees actual wages. Not equity. Not complying with labor laws is a known method for creating legal problems later if the company becomes successful. Business practices that might work for proprietorships, partnerships, and LLC’s don’t scale out to C corps. Good luck.


yes definitely consult a lawyer, it might introduce complications working with US companies.

There might be other ways you can structure his compensation that would be better for the company, maybe as a profit share and a bonus if the company sells that matches up to what would be his % ownership.

But it's the right move to find an attorney with experience.

Maybe you could ask at a US embassy if you don’t find answers?

Thank you!!

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