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I’ve been playing with the idea of storing json blobs in gnu pass and using it as a queryable object with xdotool and xclip to manipulate output.

I like pass but lacks functionality that other managers have

Curious what you miss? I recently started self hosting a Gitlab instance and switched from Lastpass to pass. Wouldn't of done it without the `passforios` foss app. Maybe I wasn't using Lastpass to its full potential (only used the CLI)?

Of course now I have to make sure to git push/pull on all my devices. That's annoying (but at least it drafts its own commits).

I’m pretty sure you can auto push with pass.

I miss browser auto fills, But I don’t like the idea of plugins in the browser like last pass etc, I do use inbuilt autofill because I trust that more, but that won’t generate my initial passwords and there’s situations where I have multiple accounts (legitimately, testing in prod where passwords matter).

MacOS seems to have really nice host integration but that’s coming from an outsider who’s never really touched one.

I also end up in situations where ‘xdotool type’ is the path of least resistance. VMs with no paste buffer, Citrix sessions, etc. so integrating xdotool type would be nice.

I also really like the idea of spawning an authenticated browser session from the shell.

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