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Ask HN: Which platforms do founders mostly use to launch products?
15 points by ufarooqi 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
I have seen founders using product hunt, hacker news, reddit and twitter etc. Are there other platforms like this?

Always remember to not rely solely on a rockstar launch to determine the course of your product. Platform like producthunt, betalist could be miss or hit... and most of the times the kind of traffic you get may contribute to wrong signals.

Yeah that list is pretty comprehensive. I'm gonna add `Indie hackers` and `Beta list` in my list. I think launching at these platforms should be sufficient for most of the founders.

IndieHackers, if their building something other founders would buy.

Niche Facebook groups are a great way to launch your product as well.

Yeah totally agree.

I think producthunt

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