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not sure why i'm being downvoted. if you don't agree leave a reply.

it's very discouraging

Your comment begun with +1. It is now at -1. So of all the people that looked at it, some modded it, and of all those people, there are two more people who downmodded it than upmodded it. Two.

Right now the post has +186. So assuming that half of those people read your comment, we have something like 93 people who read your comment, and there are just two more downmods than upmods.

Unfortunately, HN shows people a comment's score before they read it, which skews results. People aren't objective, they tend to upmod comments that are already upmodded and downmod questions that are already negative.

So if you are unlucky and the first one or two people to read your comment are constipated, you get a negative result for not fault of your own. Bad luck, try again.

Please don't be discouraged. Try to be helpful and constructive and to present a point of view that others may have missed in the conversation. The upmods will eventually follow. Cast your seeds and let a thousand flowers bloom.

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