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Ask HN: Best language to use for a new static site generator?
2 points by johnnycarcin 54 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
Yes, there are a TON of existing static site generators out there, I know. I'd like to learn a new language/toolset and think a static site generator would be a fun project. Ideally the language would have good templating/macro/pre-processing support. It also can't be golang since that is my preferred language already.I'd also like to stay away from the more common languages like Python and JavaScript.

Initially I was thinking of just playing around with M4, but that is kind of boring haha. Maybe a lisp? C? Awk+sed haha.

Just looking for a fun holiday project

EDIT: Here are a few I stumbled across the other day that I thought were pretty neat:

https://github.com/datagrok/makebakery http://m4-bloggery.invergo.net/fossil/home

Haskell? Raku (former Perl 6)?

FWIW, I wrote a static site generator [0] in Perl and in Python. Both are single file programs that generate the same output given the same input, which was a challenge in itself.

[0] https://github.com/john-bokma/tumblelog

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