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> It strongly suggests that Bing was copying Google’s results, by watching what some people do at Google via Internet Explorer.

Wow, it almost seems that is exactly what they are doing, which is some pretty dirty stuff. Now MS always had a shady track record, but I thought recently the company got a lot better.

You're crazy if you think every player in this space won't opt into "shady" if it means a better user experience. This is just a "shady" we get to hear about.

Like companies give a crap about "user experience" unless that means earning more and more money.

Piggybacking like this should really be copyright infringement or something, as there's nothing morally right about it.

On the other hand Google should be more quite about this, after all they've built their businesses database for Google Maps / Google Places by piggybacking third-party services like Yelp and TripAdvisor. And now all of a sudden when I'm searching for "restaurants" I have to scroll the page to get past Google's own crap.

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