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arbitrage of what? Sounds interesting

Sure, I can share. I live abroad now and don't have time to do it anymore. Back in 2008-9? there were 7 major estate sale websites. Nowadays everything has consolidated to estatesales.net. 4 of the 7 had RSS feeds. I drank in all 4 RSS feeds, filtered out sales without pictures, and filtered towards certain keywords. My game was second hand art buying, but only in a 100 mile radius. As I got better at it, my radius started expanding. Note, it wasn't make $300 every sale, it was very hit or miss. But load the car up with some Ed Ruscha originals and Frankenthaler prints and make a killing consigning to auction houses for a morning's work. The old man pickers always wondered how I always got the jump on them. Thanks for paying off my college debt early Yahoo Pipes. Please come back!

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