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A couple of fun behind the scenes stories which I think at this point are past the statute of limitations.

Source: I was the Service Engineer on pipes for around a year or so.

1) When you went to the pipes landing page, there were a few demo pipes to show people what was possible. One of them combined search results from say ebay/craiglist/amazon to show prices for things.

One day I was looking through the source of these, and noticed there were affiliate ids in the ebay/amazon links. They all belonged to some early team member who had long since left.

I showed a couple people on the team, we all guessed at how much they were making from this, said good on em and went about our day. I still wonder how much they ended up making from it.

2) It was my first on-call, and all of a sudden the west coast pipes cluster just went bananas. After ~5 minutes, east coast started to go nuts and the west coast subsided.

Someone, despite numerous defensive measures, had found a way to create a pipe-bomb that would recursively call multiple versions of itself. Once the west coast load balancer failed over, one of these requests would hit the east coast and the 'virus' would jump over there. This flipped flopped back and forth until I figured out how to blacklist pipe ids (and eventually got a code fix).

Heh... just chiming in to say the affiliate person wasn’t me :-)

I wish it was me. That's genius.

i know who it is, but i'll never tell :)

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