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Maintainer of sway and wlroots here. The Nvidia proprietary driver does not support sway, not the other way around.

Their standard, EGLStreams, is only implemented by their proprietary drivers, so in order to test that codepath we'd have to use a famously broken and undebuggable driver, which we're not interested in - and make no mistake, we get our hands dirty in the drivers all the time. Their standard also has serious technical problems - lots of really important features simply are not possible to implement based on the proprietary driver. We can't export buffers to clients, overlay planes don't work, buffer presentation timings are impossible... Supporting this driver would be a massive overhaul and would probably make the good drivers worse.

Sway is a volunteer project, we are under no obligation to put in free work to support a GPU vendor which has no interest in playing nice. It's total bullshit that anyone would think to blame the small group of volunteers who have offered up thousands of hours of our free time to the community, for free, when the real blame lays in the hands of the multi-billion dollar company which refuses to pony up docs and cryptographically signs their firmwares. Everyone else plays ball and works with upstream on open source drivers.

I appreciate what you do truly, but It's also perfectly understandable that we consider it a major reason not to use your software and a perfectly fair criticism of the choices you have made. Your rebutal has not changed the main point of the original poster at all, If you want to ignore 70% or more of Linux users that is perfectly your right to do so, but it's also my obligation as a long time Linux user to recommend that people avoid your solution in favor of i3 on X11 or a superior solution such as gnome or kde which understands the basic problems the overwhelming majority of it's user base faces and is willing to work with them regardless of the hurdle.

Nouveau works great with Sway. Users make a choice to use proprietary drivers, they aren't forced into it. They can buy more freedom-respecting hardware, too. It's a choice to reward Nvidia's behavior, and consequently that choice alienates them from our userbase.

Some high-end CG applications do not work acceptably under nouveau. If I must use those applications for my job, and thus must use the proprietary Nvidia driver, then I will. It is NOT my choice at that point, I am effectively forced into it. I wish Nvidia were nicer, but I also have to do my job. And no, using a non-Nvidia video card isn't an acceptable solution either, in some cases.

Nvidia doesn't have 70% share of linux desktop by any chance. If anyone, that would be Intel.

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