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IBM System 360 Model 20 restoration: The big push (ibms360.co.uk)
137 points by sohkamyung on Nov 25, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Man, I've been checking up on their website every now and then to see if they made any progress. Great to see that everything is going quite quickly now.

Today they posted a new blogpost about the initial cleaning and inspection of the parts: https://ibms360.co.uk/?p=666

Warning: many large images in this article. But well worth it for the wait.

I know it's only storage, but I think the industrial-looking computer hardware in an equally industrial setting really makes the scenes look great.

Hah, heartwarming. So many nice people pulling the same cart it gives you hope.

Lovely, have enjoyed following the adventures of this rescue but mainly for the sheer joy and enthusiasm of the geeks making it all happen. Top folks.

Very nice work! A big thanks to all you guys doing this.

Getting the card reader to work is going to require some mechanical dexterity. The card reader can get finicky if the cards have swollen any.

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