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Like always, I have issues with these lists. Project Ara is there despite never actually launching a product. Or Google Glass is on there despite a new Google Glass hardware that was released this year.

They also list Google Sky Map ( https://gcemetery.co/google-sky-map/ ) which they call discontinued because Google released it as open source and handed over reigns to another group of developers, but looking at the github it still gets updates too, so I can see this one being either way. https://github.com/sky-map-team/stardroid

As an owner of a $1,500 Google Glass - which now is pretty much a brick, as the companion app doesn't work anymore - knowing there is a new version in the market isn't very helpful.

About a quarter of the projects in the graveyard had replacements, and often automated transfers to the new tools (writely, a bunch of analytics tools, songza, etc.)

Another quarter were explicitly experimental (labs, glass, ara, etc.).

And another handful are products that no longer make sense in the modern world (google desktop, various toolbars, browser sync, the gmail notifier, etc.)

Hell, one of them is apparently the webconferencing software google employees used internally in like 2012, it wasn't a product.

> Another quarter were explicitly experimental (labs, glass, ara, etc.).

How many years was Gmail in "beta"?

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