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The counter example would be Google Maps. They really care about this product. I think they even support Palm OS.

They care about it because

a) it’s basically Google Search just with a visual representation


b) the closest the West has to a ‘Super App’ (book hotels/restaurants/movie tickets etc straight from Maps)

I mean, they purposefully kept features off Google Maps on iOS to make Android look better, then brought them in once Apple made Apple Maps.

Do you know any articles about this? Would like to learn more.

Specifically turn-by-turn navigation, which Android had via Google Maps but you had to buy an expensive app on iOS like Garmin or TomTom. It was a real killer feature.

Apple and Google had been long time collaborators but the relationship was finally cooling off as iOS and Android competed more aggressively. Google continually pushed the rollout date for turn by turn on iOS so it was always “6 months away.”

Eventually Apple bought some mapping companies and when they were near complete Google finally added turn by turn to its iOS map app. Apple had a reaaalllll rough rollout the first ~3 years of Apple Maps I’d say, and for years after still nobody trusted Apple Maps. But they were no longer at the mercy of Google.

I believe vector images were also a point of contention.

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