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Yeah. By that logic MS has eternal support for everything, because MS has a legendary hardcore approach to backwards compatibility that they will release a product, push it hard, and then abandon development on it... but still have it "officially supported" for a decade while it bitrots into a nightmare... but never tell their users "stop using this, it's deprecated".

As much as I hate Google sunsetting products, I hate even more the companies that keep their zombies shuffling along in a state of undeath forever.

That makes no sense. Nobody is forcing you to use an abandoned product. So you're obviously better off with the Microsoft model than the Google one.

A good example is VB6, the runtime is still supported in Windows 10 -- and necessary for one our largest vendor products to run -- yet the VB6 IDE only runs in XP. Our business would have been really screwed if they just dropped support for it. We are, of course, working to move to a different product and have the luxury of time to do that.

Or worse when an old product kinda pseudo gets merged into a new product, in a way that makes both of them worse. Better just to cancel the old one and move on.

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