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I bought it off eBay a few weeks ago.

As to why - sitting in front of emacs with a clicky model M keyboard produces a very different frame of mind. I am more focused and more deliberate in what I type (one doesn't just type ls /usr/bin on such a thing). Although it's by no means my primary computing device, I do find myself going down there for at least a little while on most days. It is a pleasant break, a change of scenery, a different mental state.

I got it, and my vt420 and vt510, after thinking about the bifurcated nature of computing history. Although I started with computers in the 80s, it was the PC side of things. The Unix/"big iron" simply wasn't accessible to many in those days. I have spent decades doing work day in, day out in what amounts to a fancy vt510 emulator (xterm). I wanted to use the real thing. Also it got my son to play zork with me.

I wrote about it here: https://changelog.complete.org/archives/10013-connecting-a-p...

and here: https://changelog.complete.org/archives/10031-resurrecting-a...

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